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Dots removable wallpaper

Temporary Wallpaper

Who doesn’t love wallpaper?! It’s so fun to see something that was out of style for so long, finally make a well-deserved come back!  We so often have clients ask for wallpaper and unfortunately, we usually steer them away from it.  The reason, you ask?  It’s REALLY expensive.  The wallpaper itself doesn’t cost that much, it’s the installation that will get you. To have wallpaper installed correctly, the installer must first “float” your wall.  This means making your wall smooth as glass to hide all the lumps and bumps in your wall.  Without this important step, your wallpaper can turn out to be a real eyesore.  The other important part of wallpaper installation is the installation itself.  The installer must get the patterns lined up exactly to make the final result perfect. 

Feel a little bummed about what I explained above?  Me too. Never fear!  I have a solution to quench your need for a little wallpaper in your life!  Enter, REMOVEABLE WALLPAPER! Woohooo!!  Now, granted, you will still need a non-textured wall.  This will not look great on walls that have popcorn type texture or even a heavy orange peel texture.  Installation is simple and if you mess it up, hey, its removable!  Check out these fun removeable wallpapers that we have found for you!  What do you think?  Would you try this out?

Terrazzo Wallpaper that is removable.
Sliced Orange Removable Wallpaper
Dots removable wallpaper
Wild Berry removable wallpaper
Burlap printed wallpaper.

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