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Rattan Furniture – It’s All the Rage!

Growing up, we had a peacock chair EXACTLY like this one!

I always loved that thing and didn’t even know it was cool.  When my parent’s built a new house in the late 90’s, my beloved peacock chair went to be with all the other things that didn’t fit in our newly designed home in the attic.  I would still go up to the attic and sit in that thing until, eventually, I forgot it was up there.

Fast forward to October of 2018.  I was off at market in North Carolina scouring the floors for awesome new furniture options to show our clients.  I turn the corner on the 5th floor, and there she was, beaming at me like a beacon of light from my past!  My beloved peacock chair was back!!  Everywhere I turned, rattan furniture was screaming at me telling me to get that peacock chair that was forgotten in my parent’s attic to my house in Texas!  Like any good steward of a forgotten peacock chair, I called my mother at the end of the day and inquired about my old friend.  To my dismay and total disappointment, my mom informed me that she had given it to a photo studio years ago to keep it from dry rotting.  You talk about SAD!  My sweet sweet friend was no longer a part of our family.  At least there are tons of options out there to serve as replacements now, but my old friend can never truly be replaced.  I will never forget you old friend!  NEVER!

Now let’s check out some other new rattan pieces to try to ease the pain, shall we?




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