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Steiner Ranch addition receives purposeful design planning and other remodeled spaces, all with custom furnishings to bring it all together.

This wonderful Steiner Ranch home has undergone several transitions with Ice Interior Design, from simple room remodels to complete room additions and reconfigured interior spaces. This time around, we took out the home’s original Texas limestone fireplace and the two front living rooms; the newly-married space received a floating fireplace with modern architectural elements. Completely new furnishings to fit the area included a custom white leather sectional, a silver cuff coffee table that mimics jewelry, a huge stacked mirror to accentuate the height of an angled wall, and a starburst rug to correlate with the floor’s design element. Every detail in the rooms work together. As the kids grow older, we modernized their rooms with blonde wood flooring, lightened the textiles, and added new beds with custom bedding and headboards. Also, a bathroom received textured wall tile and a terrazzo floor.

Project Cost: $250,001 – $500,000
Location: Steiner Ranch, Austin, TX
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