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Why hire an Interior Designer?

It’s been said an Interior Designer can decorate but a Decorator cannot design.

Many of us know someone with a knack for making a space look beautiful. For an Interior Decorator, that’s where it stops. As Interior Designers, we also have a “knack” but with more depth; backed by education, space-planning, building code compliance, working with architects and contractors, and so forth.

Our clients not only rely on our ability to be creative, thinking “outside of the box”, and delivering winning solutions; they count on our extended resources and knowledge of products that really make your home.

Ice Interior Design holds creativity as a core value through which every aspect of our business is filtered. Our Design is our art and we want to apply attention to detail and unique solutions to every project we work on, large or small.

It's a poofy! CHAIR.

Ice Interior Design Services

Furniture, Art and Accessories

Okay. Stop! Don’t buy furniture. We act as your store, sourcing the correct items to fit your budget and style. It’s a mistake to make purchases that may not fit into your final design plan.

New Construction and Custom Builds

Clients come to us when they are building a custom home. Remodels, too (essentially scaled-down new builds). This is the perfect time to enlist an Interior Designer, beginning with planning.

Many decisions have to be made when building a custom home: Discovering your style, speaking your architect’s language, coordinating with your builder. We are experts in the entire process, handling every detail from start to finish. We create timelines that are essential to a smooth process which takes the pressure off of our clients; literally hundreds of selections for both interior and exterior must be made. We work with the builder and architect on your behalf bringing you a new home with fond memories (which is something you’ll absolutely love).

And we can work turnkey for you — from initiation, even through completion with all of your furnishings curated to fit your new home and style. When you first walk into your new home it will truly feel complete.

Make your styles fit those grand plans. Fact: The easiest time to make a home or office EXACTLY what you want is by planning beforehand. Why retrofit interior design into a brand new space? Bring our expertise with you before you plan to build.

Interior Remodels and Design Plans

Maybe you want to completely remodel your home, or a master bath, or kitchen. We handle Interior gut and remodels.

Design Plans are for more involved projects — not only will you need help with interior specs, you’ll need accurate floor-planning for what the project will look like after it is completed. As your Interior Designer, we are there to visualize and draft your plan.

You’ll receive detailed, comprehensive elevations and interior specifications to share with your contractor, providing a big-picture overview (and exact specifications, right down to your paint colors and palette). Thus, they are able to give you a more accurate quote with less surprises.

We work closely with our contractors, or yours.

Designer Line Resources and Purchasing

Think of us as the store without the overhead. You’ve likely been into a showroom and seen the retail prices on the floor. Two things wrong with that; you are beholden to buying what’s on the floor and paying a retail mark-up. We bypass both of those issues. We work toward what you want at a price that is within your set budget. Not to mention, we are there making selections that work into your style.

We are a direct purchaser. Rather than being restricted to what you see on the floor at a retail store, we can access thousands of items behind the scenes and find the perfect fit for your home. Art, furniture, accessories, lighting, (and way more). Pretty much anything you need in your space, we have lines to accommodate.

Other Services

Cabinetry and custom built-ins, custom window treatments, bedding, rugs, etc…Just ask if you don’t see it here.

Commercial Interiors

We Handle Build-outs: Concept Through Installation

We offer a full range of commercial products for your office or hospitality space. Let Ice handle all the build-out details so you are free to operate your business without any additional stress. We work hand-in-hand with Building Managers to make certain your interior becomes the best possible environment for everyone who enters. We also provide design concepts, space-planning, budgeting, furniture, art, etc. — from concept through installation.

Contact Ice Interior Design in Austin for your commercial interior design needs. We are turnkey!
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