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Is It Spring Yet??

Every year around January 2nd, I think its time for spring!  The second Christmas and New Years is over, I’m ready for 65 degree weather, sunny days, and bountiful gardens.  Living in Austin, TX, there isn’t a lot of benefit to cold wintery weather.  Its not cold enough to snow, not warm enough to swim, but still sunny enough to look like spring outside!  Every now and then we get a very cruel week of Spring like weather, and then the next week its bitterly cold and misting outside!  Last week was one of those warm weeks, and this week is frigid!  So, on my day off yesterday, I was running a few errands and ran in Joann’s Fabrics and Big Lots and discovered the CUTEST bargain buys to give your garden a little facelift while we wait on the bounty of spring!  Jump on these quick because I’m willing to bet these cuties will be gone before you can say “Winter’s over right?!”!  Which is your favorite?!


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