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Formica of the Future?

Hey guys!  Meggie here!  My Mother is an Interior Designer as well.  I remember when I was little, we had Formica countertops in our house, which was all the rage at the time (funny the things a Designer’s kid remembers). I also remember my Mother’s fallout with Formica.  When my parents built our new home when I was in middle school, I remember her having a sincere hatred towards the stuff and would have nothing but natural stone in our new home!  Well, times, they are a changin’, and guess who’s making a comeback… FORMICA!  I personally love the trend!  As a newly wed, trying to conserve money, I would totally consider using Formica over stone in our home!  Not only is it super durable, but you can get that high end look you’re going for without selling off that designer jacket you’ve been hiding from your hubby!  Take a look at some of the creative new ways people are using Formica in residential and commercial design.  Could you be swayed to try out this trend?  They’ve definitely made me a believer!  

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